Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Cara Box

I haven't been involved in the Cara Box for the past couple of months, but jumped back on this time because I thought that the theme sounded fun. It was a regional theme and we were supposed to send things particular to our region, I struggled with that a little bit, but head on over to Jacki's blog here to see what I sent her. (Hint, doing a little missionary work ;)) Mrs. Laura Beth sent me my box and I completely loved it!!! Here is the picture of it all after Eric and I got so excited and pulled it all out of the box.
Laura is from North Dakota which was so fun for me because Eric's dad has a ranch in South Dakota and it was fun to see the farming side of this box.
Laura sent me:
some fajita seasoning since I told her I LOVE tacos. This looks delicious and I am so excited to try it out.
Some Dakota made spaghetti since I love Italian food.
The sunflower seeds are from ND and she said they are about 30 minutes away from where she is.
She sent me a soybean candle (which who knew soybeans made for good candles) and I'm super excited to test it out. 
The cute wheat in the glass jar was from her wedding reception and I think it is JUST adorable! One thing: when we opened up the package, it was full of little wheat tares (is that what they are called Laura?) and Eric and I were laughing because it was from South Dakota and we thought they just snuck in there, obviously they were there from this decoration and I'm so glad it stayed intact through the mail. 
The darling bag is from the place where Laura works and is insulated for picnics. I am so excited to use it this summer and she thought ahead for our Hawaii trip because it'll be perfect for the beach!
I loved this box and Laura did an AWESOME job on it! 
It was fun to meet these girls and have some more blogs to follow. :)

Cara Box


  1. Loved your box :) such a sweet note in the boom too. I appreciated it all. Love the box you received too! The wheat is so cool.

    1. Yay girl!! I'm so glad you loved it!! I tried to make sure your use everything and wanted to send chocolate but with the weather didn't want to risk it melting. Isn't that wheat pretty!!

  2. I'm a huge Laura fan and looks like she gave you a great carabox!!

  3. How do I get hooked up with this!?