Wednesday, April 24, 2013

what did you just say?

It seems like ever since Grant turned one, a switch automatically flipped and he is now a toddler. This little boy keeps us on our toes, that's for sure! Today while Grant and I were watching my niece, we went outside with my dad and Grant was getting into my dad's potatoes that he was cutting for his garden. Grant wouldn't listen so finally my dad jokingly said, "No!" To which Grant replied, "no!" In the same tone and everything! It was hilarious! He is getting better at talking and is so good to sing more and please when he wants something. He is the sweetest little babe ever, but I think now is when the real parenting starts. He climbs onto everything and gets into things he isn't supposed to. Such an energetic little boy! He loves my parents dog and is fearless when it comes to being around the chickens. Also today, there was an egg in a part of the chicken coop that only the chickens can get to because my dad made a little hole for them. In order to get the egg, my dad pried back some of the fence and we put Grant in to go get it. You have to understand, Grant LOVES throwing balls. So he walked right over to the egg and picked it up. He was less than five feet away from us and we were trying to coax him over to us without dropping the egg but to no avail. He dropped it and it cracked. He was super interested in the contents and started playing with it. My dad had to squeeze himself into the cage and I had to run and put Tacy on the grass to be able to grab Grant. It was super funny and I think my dad and I both realized that it was a mistake once Grant picked the egg up. He loves helping grandpa in the yard and with the animals and sometimes grandpa will even give him an egg as his payment.
do you not just want to eat him up?

These two are best friends! I love them!

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