Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Grant is talking so much now that I can't help but document some of the things he says. He puts together sentences with ease and is very smart.
-One of my favorite right now is "What doning?" or "Goning?" This is how he asks what we are doing or where we are going. Whenever we are in the car, he constantly wants to know where we are going, it's so cute to see him starting to understand this crazy world.
-"poll-dit" when he sings patty cake he gets this super serious grunty voice as if the 'cake' is really hard to pull.
-We went and visited my grandma who took a fall the other day and he pointed to her scar and said, "gamma, owie?"
-Grant loves to say "hi" to anyone. Some people love it, other people pretend like they don't hear it [rude!]
-He loves to watch 'What does the fox say' on YouTube and will constantly ask me, "Watch ding-ding" cause the first thing they say the fox says is ring-ding-ding.
-Anytime someone leaves he asks, "Where'd [name] go?" He also says "Where'd Dant (Grant) go?" when he is hiding from us.
-Because we had our first snowfall this past weekend, Grant learned what a snowman was. Some little girls in our complex made the cutest snowman and then someone's dog jumped up on it and knocked it down. Whenever we look out the window at it he says, "No-man. Knock it?"
-We live super close to HAFB and the jets are constantly flying. Grant loves finding airplanes in the sky and says, "Airpane loud! Zooom!"
-Grant loves to help with chores around the house and his favorite is to "weep" (sweep), even though he really just spreads the crumbs further away, I love to watch him help.
-He has taken to love skateboarding and loves watching videos of it with Eric. He uses his xylophone as a skateboard and tells me all the time "gay-bowed whills" (skateboard wheels) whenever he sees his 'skateboard'
-"K-zee" (crazy) is also one of his new words.
Grant has started to imagine and it is so cute. He stays playing with one toy longer and it is so fun to watch him drive his car on the edge of our couch or up a hill. He can also throw things away in the garbage (we do have to watch him to make sure that he doesn't throw toys or important stuff away, so far so good) and can take his dirty dishes to the sink.
The other day he colored on the wall and it was all I had in me to take a step back and be patient with him. I nicely [no seriously, I was super calm about the whole thing] told him that we only color on paper and asked him to show me where some paper was. He showed me and then took me to the back window and pointed to it to show me that he also drew on that. Haha, such a smart boy.

Monday, November 18, 2013


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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Photo DUMP!

WARNING: Every picture in this post is of Grant. He's our life so we take lots of pictures of him. If you don't want to see them, feel free to roam about the country. 
 Aunt Christine sent Grant this New York Jets shirt from Jersey and we absolutely LOVE it. Grant looks like a little "Sanchez" running around in it and loves to say "hike" then throw a football really fast at you.
 Way back before we had class when Grant's bed was just his crib mattress on the floor. He is not upgraded to a full size twin bed and does GREAT in it. We even kiffed my memory foam from my parents that I had on my bed growing up and sometimes it is SO comfy. My mom also helped me make a quilt for his bed. 
 In his oversized (at the time) Gg shirt I made for him. This was so easy and I loved the idea. 
 Lately, Grant will say "baby" and then lay down in our arms and do a fake cry. I'm not sure where he learned it from but he loves acting like a baby and laying down in his swing. We had to finally put this away since he would play the music during naptime instead of napping.
 This was Grant at his first rodeo. To say the least, he LOVED it. He love horses and animals so it was pretty much a given that he would enjoy this. | Oh to be back in the days of shorts and short sleeves |
 After Labor Day we Aunt Ka-ka and Uncle Nam came camping with us to Strawberry. We went crayfishing and Grant loved it. He loved the fire and hanging out with some of his favorite people. He literally asks for his aunts and uncles daily. He loves his "nam-wee" (family)
 I cannot look at this picture without laughing. I think he looks SO adorable but so silly all at the same time. He had just woken up from a nap and I snapped this since his hair was so staticky. Love this boy and what makes this even better was that he was snuggling next to me during this nap. 
 Grant is ALL boy. He will literally jump off of anything and nothing is too dangerous for him. We watch Tacy (his cousin) on Thursdays and she is starting to catch onto his love for climbing on things. She'll intently watch him and then try it when he is done. Sorry Brad and Elly :)
 Taking his nap during conference I couldn't help but snap this of his longer than life eyelashes. Are these not every girls dream? He is so handsome! Lots of my boy cousins have really long eyelashes like this but it seemed to skip the girls. 
 Trying to steal the neighbors balloons from when their son returned from his mission. Grant will do ANYTHING for balloons. We have at least 3 in our house at all times.
 We went to St. George in the middle of October for Fall break and my dad had a softball tournament down there and Eric wanted to stop at the new Provo skate park on our way down. I was really impressed at how cool this park was and Grant LOVED watching Eric and getting his turn on the "gay-bowed"
 Chalking it up with Audrie in St. George. Grant had such a blast with the Barnes' girls and asks for at least one of them once a day. He also knows that they are in "Dorge" (St. George) if we ask where they are. He also frequently includes them in his prayers. This little boy has the largest heart!
 Only recently have I allowed Grant this close to the cat. On previous "meetings" between he and Kitty, he tends to pull her tail. Aunt Ka-ka (Kimber) taught him how to feed Kitty and now it is one of his new favorite things to do at Mema and Papa's house. 
 Grant loves to "ca-gee" (color) and is OBSESSED with us drawing balloons. I thought I would outsmart him and make copies that he can color in but he did not have that and has to watch me draw them himself. Luckily he has gotten over this obsession a little bit and has learned to color better, minus on the walls and window the other day.
 Aunt Ka-ka and Uncle Nam took Grant to the zoo one day to let Eric and I have a break and get out on a date. We were SO thankful to them and Grant had the time of his life. He really is so blessed with all of the family he has. 
And just because I think we are cute. I love this baby and his daddy so much!

Letters to Grant

Dear Grant,
My sweet sweet boy, you are so fun at this stage right now. You have come so far from the tiny baby that was placed in my arms in March of last year. You now run everywhere you go and are so adventurous! I am so glad that you are my baby, my bugga, and my boy. You are developing quite the personality and I love to sit back and watch you soak in your world. You love anything that has to do with a ball but after daddy took you out on the skateboard last week, you have turned everything into a skateboard whether it be your colorful xylophone or mema and papa's stool. You are so entertaining and are full of energy. You love to jump, especially on the trampoline, and have great balance for one your age. You have always been so smart, so it shouldn't have surprised me as much when you deciding you wanted to go potty on your own potty, but it did. You are still my baby, how do you learn these things and know so much? You are such a good singer and can identify songs on the radio by their choruses. You love to make people laugh, and mommy and daddy struggle to hold our laughter in when you do something hilarious, but that we know is not a good habit aka spitting your water out of your mouth. You give the best hugs and kisses and are willing to share those with everyone. You love to say "hi" to people in the store and you can say any word that we ask you to. We have taught you how to count and you do well to get to three, skip four, and go right to five. I especially love it when you are playing by yourself and I hear you counting. Every color is blue in your eyes and you are so silly when it comes to coloring with crayons. You are just now understanding how to color and you love it when we draw you balloons. You have been sleeping in a big boy bed for about 3 months now and are so good with it. When I peak in on you at night before I go to bed, you look so tiny in that massive bed and I hate to think about you growing up and filling that bed out. I am excited to watch you grow, but always want you to love me the way you do now. My heart hurts when you get hurt and I love that you come to me for comfort. Lately, you have been reaching up to hold my hand when we are walking outside and I love the way your hand fits perfectly around my pointer finger. You love animals and are learning how to be soft, or as you say "sop", with them (and my hair for that matter.) You could spend your whole day chasing the chickens around and looking at the horses at papa's if I let you.
I love you my sweet boy!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

For Sale

I am thinking of selling hand stamped custom jewelry. This is the beginning of my journey and I hope it works out. If you or anyone you know is interested in this, I'm getting my etsy site up soon, but for now, just email me at jodynicole20 (at) yahoo.com We can work out an order and payment options that way! Here's to hoping this works out! Here is a sample of what I can do.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Cara Box

I haven't been involved in the Cara Box for the past couple of months, but jumped back on this time because I thought that the theme sounded fun. It was a regional theme and we were supposed to send things particular to our region, I struggled with that a little bit, but head on over to Jacki's blog here to see what I sent her. (Hint, doing a little missionary work ;)) Mrs. Laura Beth sent me my box and I completely loved it!!! Here is the picture of it all after Eric and I got so excited and pulled it all out of the box.
Laura is from North Dakota which was so fun for me because Eric's dad has a ranch in South Dakota and it was fun to see the farming side of this box.
Laura sent me:
some fajita seasoning since I told her I LOVE tacos. This looks delicious and I am so excited to try it out.
Some Dakota made spaghetti since I love Italian food.
The sunflower seeds are from ND and she said they are about 30 minutes away from where she is.
She sent me a soybean candle (which who knew soybeans made for good candles) and I'm super excited to test it out. 
The cute wheat in the glass jar was from her wedding reception and I think it is JUST adorable! One thing: when we opened up the package, it was full of little wheat tares (is that what they are called Laura?) and Eric and I were laughing because it was from South Dakota and we thought they just snuck in there, obviously they were there from this decoration and I'm so glad it stayed intact through the mail. 
The darling bag is from the place where Laura works and is insulated for picnics. I am so excited to use it this summer and she thought ahead for our Hawaii trip because it'll be perfect for the beach!
I loved this box and Laura did an AWESOME job on it! 
It was fun to meet these girls and have some more blogs to follow. :)

Cara Box

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

what did you just say?

It seems like ever since Grant turned one, a switch automatically flipped and he is now a toddler. This little boy keeps us on our toes, that's for sure! Today while Grant and I were watching my niece, we went outside with my dad and Grant was getting into my dad's potatoes that he was cutting for his garden. Grant wouldn't listen so finally my dad jokingly said, "No!" To which Grant replied, "no!" In the same tone and everything! It was hilarious! He is getting better at talking and is so good to sing more and please when he wants something. He is the sweetest little babe ever, but I think now is when the real parenting starts. He climbs onto everything and gets into things he isn't supposed to. Such an energetic little boy! He loves my parents dog and is fearless when it comes to being around the chickens. Also today, there was an egg in a part of the chicken coop that only the chickens can get to because my dad made a little hole for them. In order to get the egg, my dad pried back some of the fence and we put Grant in to go get it. You have to understand, Grant LOVES throwing balls. So he walked right over to the egg and picked it up. He was less than five feet away from us and we were trying to coax him over to us without dropping the egg but to no avail. He dropped it and it cracked. He was super interested in the contents and started playing with it. My dad had to squeeze himself into the cage and I had to run and put Tacy on the grass to be able to grab Grant. It was super funny and I think my dad and I both realized that it was a mistake once Grant picked the egg up. He loves helping grandpa in the yard and with the animals and sometimes grandpa will even give him an egg as his payment.
do you not just want to eat him up?

These two are best friends! I love them!

Monday, March 18, 2013


The little guy turned one on March 12, 2013 and we had such a fun day. He is at such a fun stage right now and is into everything more than ever before. He is active, all over the place, and really never stops going. I love being his mom and it definitely keeps me in shape chasing him around.
One Year:
-Grant loves to play peek-a-boo even if he has nothing to hide behind, a turn of his head is enough for the surprise.
-He gets a kick out of flicking his cheerios off of his high chair tray. He loves to watch them flip and laughs so cute when it happens.
-Grant has gotten SO good at signing more. It makes things so much easier. I'm not sure if we will teach him many other signs, but more is nice because we can definitely tell if he is done or not.
-He has started pointing and can point out a ball, star, balloon, dog, and other things.
-Dog continues to be his favorite word and will say it even when he just hears a dog bark. Smart guy.
-He absolutely loves refried beans and tries to grab them right off of the plate with his hand when we are served them. Hence the bean mustache.
stole refried beans off of his cousin Ashlyn's plate and didn't even feel bad about it.
-Grant has two new teeth that were a pain to get here. Both of his front teeth came in within a day of each other and made for some really sad nights while they were breaking through. Luckily they are through and coming in just nice. Luckily he doesn't bite.
-Eric texted me one day while I was at school and told me Grant was asleep in his high chair. SO cute!
 -Eric's mom brought out Eric's old ninja turtle toys and Grant loves to play with them.
 -We let Grant feed himself his sweet potatoes one night and it was probably the worst decision we've made as parents. Haha, he was so messy and I don't even think he ate any of it. It also dyed the tray orange. :(
-Grant is eating regular food more often these days but I still feel like it is easier to nurse him than have him deal with picky eating. We are slowly introducing more to him and he seems to like most foods, but for sure doesn't like bananas. 
-For his first birthday photo shoot we bought balloons and he loves them. He loves to play with them and pull them down and hit them back and forth.
-Grant is a little bit scared of small stuffed animal things that move. We were at Eric's sisters and there was a dog that wags it's tail and Grant was freaking out. Hopefully this is just a phase.
-He loves to climb onto the couch and hold the remote and pretend like he is so big and watching the tv. It's pretty cute and he knows how to get off so stays safe most of the time. He did fall off once, but other than that I think we've been pretty lucky with falls.
-He has finally started to catch onto going down the stairs, but definitely still needs help with that. He is pro at going up.
-Grant also loves to throw things. Lately it is balls but he got some blocks for his birthday and I he throws those on occasion.
-He still loves to read and will read to himself for a good five or so minutes. (Which is a lot for this boy who wants to be everywhere.) 
-This little boy LOVES to be outside and gets to mad when we have to come inside. I think we are going to have a great summer outdoors. He also ate his very first dirt the other day which I think transitioned him from a baby boy to a toddler. I can say that I am in no way ready for the laundry that comes along with this dirty stage.
Outside at Grandma and Grandpa Taylor's
In one of his birthday outfits Aunt Sister Christine sent him.
Sugar rushed and throwing cake.

At the park with Daddy.

We love you little buddy and are so glad that our Heavenly Father sent you to join our family when He did. We are so blessed each and everyday by Grant's spirit and zest for life. He keeps us moving and entertained and we couldn't have asked for a sweeter little boy.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cara Box

I participated in the monthly Cara Box swap again this month and made a great friend! I sent to Natalie and we became instant friends. We have so much in common it's crazy! We were able to share dating, and mothering advice and I feel like I've found a great friend through this. Head on over to her blog to see what I sent her. NATALIE

Mary was the one who sent to me and she was lucky and got to go to San Francisco for President's Day and we weren't able to get to know each other too much, but we got the jist of things and she seems like a great girl. I'm glad to finally have the package as it was lost at my apartment office for a day or two, but was so happy when I opened it up. She sent a box for a stay at home date night with Eric since it's hard to get out with Grant. She stocked it with some of our favorite candies, cinnamon bears, snack cakes, and movie theater popcorn butter that looks SO yummy. She also sent some lotion and a massager since she says, "every mom needs a little pampering here and there." Thanks so much! I'm glad to have gotten to know these two girls and love the surprise that a package brings.

Cara Box

Friday, February 15, 2013

11 Months-One Away

My little baby boy has truly turned into a toddler this past month! He has such a personality and is such a joy. I am so glad that he chose to come to our family and I love every moment Eric and I get with him. He is so smart and learning every day. I can't believe that we are less than a month away from his 1st birthday. Where did the time go? This post is a late because Grant and I got sick the 13th and daddy just got it today so we are still recuperating over here and trying to get rid of the germs.
Grant this month:
-Loves to sleep on his tummy with his arms underneath him. It's so cute. He also does the cute baby sleep with his bum high in the air.
-He LOVEs peek-a-boo. Even if he has nothing to hide behind, he'll turn his head to play.
-He says Dog a lot. He also thinks that horses are dogs, and basically any other animal.
-Grant loves to lock himself in our room and just play around in there. Sometimes he whines so I go and open the door to see what he is doing and he'll shut the door right back in my face.
-He loves to play with balloons.
-Also says "ssss" for star and "dada"
-This month Grant made his first legit mess (besides in his diapers) at my mom's when we were babysitting. I was feeding Tacy and he was in the cupboards like he normally is, then he got really quiet and I couldn't hear where he was. Next thing I know, I show up to this.

-Sometimes when he is asleep, he sleep talks. Usually it involves the word he obsessed with that day and is usually dada or dog.
-Grant completely walks now. He has also started running. Whenever we have the front closet, the pantry, or the fridge open, he drops everything and runs to try and get in before we shut them. He isn't too happy when we do shut them, but gets over it.
-This past month, we lost my Grandpa Dale Stevens. I am so grateful that Grant was able to meet him and know that my grandpa is looking out for all of us. While we were visiting him at the hospital, Grant started saying "duh" which is something my grandpa used to say all the time in a silly voice. We will miss him, but know where he is and that we will see him again.
-This month, Grant also got a new uncle. He now has an Uncle Sam. Kimber and Sam got married on Feb. 2, 2013 and Grant enjoyed running around there reception and eating some of the desserts that they were serving. This little boy loves people and he even got to ride on the chair scooter thing (that they give people with broken legs) of a family friend. 
I honestly cannot believe that this little boy of ours has grown up so much. He is completely all boy and loves to get into everything. I am so grateful to be his mom and can't imagine my life without Eric and Grant. Month photo shoots are getting ridiculous since the only time that Grant stays still is when he is sleeping, so here's what we got!
 Walking with his sign
 His fang tooth. Still only one up top
 Sweet sweet boy!
Grant when I came home from school the other day. So tired and feeling sick. Poor little guy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ten months

I can't believe that in two months, our sweet little angel boy will be one year old! Time sure has flown and he is such a fun baby! Grant was able to celebrate his first Christmas this much. Eric and I had so much fun with him and opening his presents for him. (As I look back, we probably could've let him have more fun with it, but we were so excited for him!) We had such a good Christmas, and kept it simple, but it was perfect for us! Some things Grant is up to:
-Our little man is taking so many steps. He doesn't walk fully all the way, but loves to walk from furniture to furniture. The other day I was in our kitchen, he was in the bedroom and I heard him do a play scream, I looked toward the bedroom and he had his arms in front of him like Frankenstein walking. So cute!
-Grant is so tough. With learning to walk, he has taken some falls, but is such a tough little boy and gets right back up and continues playing.
-He is still so good at throwing balls. He loves any type of ball and usually is looking for one, or crawling around with one in his hand. Today I even saw him kick one as he was walking.
-Grant has also learned how to get into cupboards this month which has made for some loud noises for our neighbor below us. We've had the chemicals locked away since he started crawling, but I finally had to put locks on the pots and pans cupboard since he loves to clank those. He is super smart and will run to the cupboard when we have it open to try and get into it.
-He loves trying to get into the fridge, pantry, or closet when we are getting something from there. He gets sad when he doesn't get what he wants, but is happy and quickly changes his mind and wants to do something else.
-For some terribly gross reason, Grant loves sucking on the bottom of shoes. This wasn't a problem until it started snowing and getting wet outside since we leave our shoes on the rug to dry before putting them into the closet. He knows he isn't supposed to do it and runs away when he sees us coming to take the shoes away.
-Since day one, this little boy has loved the bath and that has not changed one bit. Whenever he hears Eric or I in the shower, he thinks that he should be able to shower too. He would play in the tub all day if we let him. The tub is usually one of the first places he goes to when he finds that the bathroom door is open.
-I started school this month and Eric stays home with Grant while I am at school. When I came home after my first day back, Grant finally said, "mama." Melted my heart!
-I made these 3D stars back before Christmas and they are hanging from our ceiling and recently Grant has acted scared around them. He's warmed up to them, but in the beginning when we would lift him up to them, he would hold on to us as tight as he could. Eric and I loved it because he gave great hugs when he'd see them. Now if you ask him where the "stars" are, he'll look to the ceiling to try and find them.
-Baby attack! Grant loves to do what we have coined (I believe thanks to our nephew Jefferson,) baby attacks. This happens when someone is laying down on the ground and Grant makes a b-line for them and sucks on their face. The greatest kisses are given during baby attacks, however, he also hasn't learned how to control his slobber just yet, so you usually end up with a bunch of slobber in your ear. He hasn't learned though, that baby attacks are not to be done on other babies, and unfortunately our nephew Porter has been on the receiving side of that (Sorry buddy, he loves you!)
-Grant is becoming more and more of a little boy and the other day my brother built him a fort with the couch and blankets and Grant loved that. He loved to chase you in the fort, or run away from you.
-This little boy has more energy than a red bull. He definitely keeps Eric and I on our toes and today Eric stated that his toys looked like a robber had ransacked through our apartment because they were everywhere.
-The other day, it snowed A TON and we were at my parents and I went out to get the dog to see if he would play in the snow with me. My sister put Grant up to the window in his high chair and said he just laughed at me and Rocky. I can't wait til Grant is a little bigger and can sled down my parents awesome hill with me!
-So I'd like to say that Grant has learned to wave and make everyone that he has waved to feel really good about themselves, but when he waves, he is actually saying "it's so stinky." This started when he would take his socks off his feet (which he does ALL the time, this boy HATES socks) and Eric took the sock and put it near Grants nose and said, "it's so stinky." Grant thought it was the funniest thing and does it often with his socks. He also does it without his socks too, which is where the wave comes in. When we are around people, or at church, people will say hi and I'll tell him to wave, but he won't. If I whisper in his ear, "it's so stinky," he'll start to wave. So if he waves to you, he's really telling you you stink.
-This month, Grant has really taken to reading. He will sit by his books and just read and read and read. It is terribly cute. He even has read one so much that he "wore" it out and  the front and back cover "ripped" right off of it (It's his animal book, and I think he may be slightly scared of the animals and ripped the book in defense.)
-For Christmas Grant got a big boy carseat (and because he is actually too heavy for his infant carseat.) He looks like such a little toddler in it and I can't believe my little baby is already sitting in this seat.
-At Grant's 9 month Dr. Checkup he had one tooth and one that came in the very next day. Since then, he has grown a fang. He has his two middle bottom teeth, but the one that he has on the top is one of the one's next to the middle teeth. So he has "free teef" as Eric says altogether. It is so funny to see him laugh and to see his fang tooth, all alone up tope. My how we love his free teef, except when he bites.
This little boy is the light of our life. We are so grateful that Heavenly Father trusted us enough to take care of this special spirit. We know he is going places and I love to watch him grow and learn. He is so smart and does something everyday that amazes me. I love being a mom and could think of no better job! :)

Nine Months

Well, we've finally hit that day. The day that Grant has spent more time on this Earth than inside my belly. My pregnancy seemed to last forever, but now that the little guy is here, I can't even hardly remember what life was like without him. Needless to say, he is turning into quite a little charmer.
Grant at nine months:
-He still loves all food. He celebrated his first Thanksgiving this month and I tried to feed him some turkey and corn baby food, but he wasn't a fan. The big hit was the sweet potatoes. This boy loves him some sweet potaters.
-He is moving EVERYWHERE.
-He climbs stairs with ease. He also is really smart and knows that he isn't supposed to climb without someone close behind him so he'll usually bolt to the bottom stair and then just stair at you til you notice him, then he takes off. We still haven't learned to come down yet though. Hopefully that comes soon so we can avoid falling.
-He finally has a second tooth coming through. We went to the Dr. for his 9 month checkup and as we were there he said, "looks like he has two teeth down there." Much to my surprise, I said, "Are there two there?" I swear I'm not a bad mom, I think it just came in over night though. His first tooth is definitely getting to the point where he can being biting.
-Grant loves to give kisses. He will pull you in by anything that he can grab and lay a big, juicy, wet kiss anywhere on your face. Unfortunately for his cousin Porter, he got him by the ears on Thanksgiving and it didn't feel to good. We're working on teaching him to be nice.
-I found out this month that Grant is NOT a fan of barking dogs. Hopefully it was just a one time thing and he can get over it, but with me as his mom, I don't know how good of a motivator I am for that. He did try to pet Kitty the other day which I think is a huge advance for him.
-He loves graham crackers, any type of yogurt bites, and will take his puffs if none of the above are offered.
-I'm starting to notice that he really calms down if I read to him. He loves to push the button on the Elephant book we have that makes a noise. Even yesterday, Eric was looking through a magazine and Grant went and grabbed the magazines we allow him to "read" (aka rip) and opened it up almost to mimick what Eric was doing.
-This month, Grant learned to throw. He started with his ball, but has now moved on to throw anything. He especially loves to throw during sacrament meeting, or at restaurants from his high chair.
-Grant loves it when daddy comes home from work. This month, Eric was sick and it was so sad for Grant because he loves to play with daddy.
-He still loves the bath time, but I'm beginning to think it's just the naked part that he loves. He is so funny in the tub and will throw toys out of the tub to try and get the shampoo bottle that we have to take out when he bathes.
-Grant HATES socks. No matter if they are way big, or too tight, he always seems to get them off of his feet. I forsee that I am going to be losing a lot of socks with this little boy.
-This little boy loves to chase his ball around. He loves his ball more than any other toy I think. Sometimes when he is crying and I ask him, "Where's your ball?" He will stop crying and look around the apartment, sometimes raising his arm to question me.
-I'm pretty sure that he says "uh-oh." The other day when I was done feeding him, I let him have his spoon and he dropped it on the ground. Once it hit the floor I heard him say "Uh." Smart boy.
-He still really only says "dada," but recently I have heard a couple of "ma's" in there. Whenever I ask him to say mama he always looks at me with a really serious face and then says, "Da!" He loves dad. I think he has also said ball and dog, but that's probably just the overachieving mother in me.
-He still loves to drum on anything.
-Loves patty cake and can clap his hands together really well. With also clap when I say, "Yay!"
 Flying around with daddy
 puppy dog grant
 this boy is always so happy

 lucky to have these two in my life!
 playing with his candy canes
the little tree we made 
 happy to be in this world as long as he was in my tummy!
 this is called a Grandma Murri smile in my family
showing off his standing skills
This little boy is seriously the greatest thing to ever happen to Eric and I and I am truly blessed to call myself his mom. I love that I get to spend every day with him, and while it is exhausting at times, I try not to let myself complain because this is what I have always wanted. This little boy made me a mom and for that I am truly grateful. I am so glad that Eric works hard for us so that I can stay home with Grant. I love my boys!
ps Grant took 3 little steps today (12.16.12) for his ball that I had. Holy CRAP!