Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nine Months

Well, we've finally hit that day. The day that Grant has spent more time on this Earth than inside my belly. My pregnancy seemed to last forever, but now that the little guy is here, I can't even hardly remember what life was like without him. Needless to say, he is turning into quite a little charmer.
Grant at nine months:
-He still loves all food. He celebrated his first Thanksgiving this month and I tried to feed him some turkey and corn baby food, but he wasn't a fan. The big hit was the sweet potatoes. This boy loves him some sweet potaters.
-He is moving EVERYWHERE.
-He climbs stairs with ease. He also is really smart and knows that he isn't supposed to climb without someone close behind him so he'll usually bolt to the bottom stair and then just stair at you til you notice him, then he takes off. We still haven't learned to come down yet though. Hopefully that comes soon so we can avoid falling.
-He finally has a second tooth coming through. We went to the Dr. for his 9 month checkup and as we were there he said, "looks like he has two teeth down there." Much to my surprise, I said, "Are there two there?" I swear I'm not a bad mom, I think it just came in over night though. His first tooth is definitely getting to the point where he can being biting.
-Grant loves to give kisses. He will pull you in by anything that he can grab and lay a big, juicy, wet kiss anywhere on your face. Unfortunately for his cousin Porter, he got him by the ears on Thanksgiving and it didn't feel to good. We're working on teaching him to be nice.
-I found out this month that Grant is NOT a fan of barking dogs. Hopefully it was just a one time thing and he can get over it, but with me as his mom, I don't know how good of a motivator I am for that. He did try to pet Kitty the other day which I think is a huge advance for him.
-He loves graham crackers, any type of yogurt bites, and will take his puffs if none of the above are offered.
-I'm starting to notice that he really calms down if I read to him. He loves to push the button on the Elephant book we have that makes a noise. Even yesterday, Eric was looking through a magazine and Grant went and grabbed the magazines we allow him to "read" (aka rip) and opened it up almost to mimick what Eric was doing.
-This month, Grant learned to throw. He started with his ball, but has now moved on to throw anything. He especially loves to throw during sacrament meeting, or at restaurants from his high chair.
-Grant loves it when daddy comes home from work. This month, Eric was sick and it was so sad for Grant because he loves to play with daddy.
-He still loves the bath time, but I'm beginning to think it's just the naked part that he loves. He is so funny in the tub and will throw toys out of the tub to try and get the shampoo bottle that we have to take out when he bathes.
-Grant HATES socks. No matter if they are way big, or too tight, he always seems to get them off of his feet. I forsee that I am going to be losing a lot of socks with this little boy.
-This little boy loves to chase his ball around. He loves his ball more than any other toy I think. Sometimes when he is crying and I ask him, "Where's your ball?" He will stop crying and look around the apartment, sometimes raising his arm to question me.
-I'm pretty sure that he says "uh-oh." The other day when I was done feeding him, I let him have his spoon and he dropped it on the ground. Once it hit the floor I heard him say "Uh." Smart boy.
-He still really only says "dada," but recently I have heard a couple of "ma's" in there. Whenever I ask him to say mama he always looks at me with a really serious face and then says, "Da!" He loves dad. I think he has also said ball and dog, but that's probably just the overachieving mother in me.
-He still loves to drum on anything.
-Loves patty cake and can clap his hands together really well. With also clap when I say, "Yay!"
 Flying around with daddy
 puppy dog grant
 this boy is always so happy

 lucky to have these two in my life!
 playing with his candy canes
the little tree we made 
 happy to be in this world as long as he was in my tummy!
 this is called a Grandma Murri smile in my family
showing off his standing skills
This little boy is seriously the greatest thing to ever happen to Eric and I and I am truly blessed to call myself his mom. I love that I get to spend every day with him, and while it is exhausting at times, I try not to let myself complain because this is what I have always wanted. This little boy made me a mom and for that I am truly grateful. I am so glad that Eric works hard for us so that I can stay home with Grant. I love my boys!
ps Grant took 3 little steps today (12.16.12) for his ball that I had. Holy CRAP!

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