Friday, February 15, 2013

11 Months-One Away

My little baby boy has truly turned into a toddler this past month! He has such a personality and is such a joy. I am so glad that he chose to come to our family and I love every moment Eric and I get with him. He is so smart and learning every day. I can't believe that we are less than a month away from his 1st birthday. Where did the time go? This post is a late because Grant and I got sick the 13th and daddy just got it today so we are still recuperating over here and trying to get rid of the germs.
Grant this month:
-Loves to sleep on his tummy with his arms underneath him. It's so cute. He also does the cute baby sleep with his bum high in the air.
-He LOVEs peek-a-boo. Even if he has nothing to hide behind, he'll turn his head to play.
-He says Dog a lot. He also thinks that horses are dogs, and basically any other animal.
-Grant loves to lock himself in our room and just play around in there. Sometimes he whines so I go and open the door to see what he is doing and he'll shut the door right back in my face.
-He loves to play with balloons.
-Also says "ssss" for star and "dada"
-This month Grant made his first legit mess (besides in his diapers) at my mom's when we were babysitting. I was feeding Tacy and he was in the cupboards like he normally is, then he got really quiet and I couldn't hear where he was. Next thing I know, I show up to this.

-Sometimes when he is asleep, he sleep talks. Usually it involves the word he obsessed with that day and is usually dada or dog.
-Grant completely walks now. He has also started running. Whenever we have the front closet, the pantry, or the fridge open, he drops everything and runs to try and get in before we shut them. He isn't too happy when we do shut them, but gets over it.
-This past month, we lost my Grandpa Dale Stevens. I am so grateful that Grant was able to meet him and know that my grandpa is looking out for all of us. While we were visiting him at the hospital, Grant started saying "duh" which is something my grandpa used to say all the time in a silly voice. We will miss him, but know where he is and that we will see him again.
-This month, Grant also got a new uncle. He now has an Uncle Sam. Kimber and Sam got married on Feb. 2, 2013 and Grant enjoyed running around there reception and eating some of the desserts that they were serving. This little boy loves people and he even got to ride on the chair scooter thing (that they give people with broken legs) of a family friend. 
I honestly cannot believe that this little boy of ours has grown up so much. He is completely all boy and loves to get into everything. I am so grateful to be his mom and can't imagine my life without Eric and Grant. Month photo shoots are getting ridiculous since the only time that Grant stays still is when he is sleeping, so here's what we got!
 Walking with his sign
 His fang tooth. Still only one up top
 Sweet sweet boy!
Grant when I came home from school the other day. So tired and feeling sick. Poor little guy.

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