Monday, March 18, 2013


The little guy turned one on March 12, 2013 and we had such a fun day. He is at such a fun stage right now and is into everything more than ever before. He is active, all over the place, and really never stops going. I love being his mom and it definitely keeps me in shape chasing him around.
One Year:
-Grant loves to play peek-a-boo even if he has nothing to hide behind, a turn of his head is enough for the surprise.
-He gets a kick out of flicking his cheerios off of his high chair tray. He loves to watch them flip and laughs so cute when it happens.
-Grant has gotten SO good at signing more. It makes things so much easier. I'm not sure if we will teach him many other signs, but more is nice because we can definitely tell if he is done or not.
-He has started pointing and can point out a ball, star, balloon, dog, and other things.
-Dog continues to be his favorite word and will say it even when he just hears a dog bark. Smart guy.
-He absolutely loves refried beans and tries to grab them right off of the plate with his hand when we are served them. Hence the bean mustache.
stole refried beans off of his cousin Ashlyn's plate and didn't even feel bad about it.
-Grant has two new teeth that were a pain to get here. Both of his front teeth came in within a day of each other and made for some really sad nights while they were breaking through. Luckily they are through and coming in just nice. Luckily he doesn't bite.
-Eric texted me one day while I was at school and told me Grant was asleep in his high chair. SO cute!
 -Eric's mom brought out Eric's old ninja turtle toys and Grant loves to play with them.
 -We let Grant feed himself his sweet potatoes one night and it was probably the worst decision we've made as parents. Haha, he was so messy and I don't even think he ate any of it. It also dyed the tray orange. :(
-Grant is eating regular food more often these days but I still feel like it is easier to nurse him than have him deal with picky eating. We are slowly introducing more to him and he seems to like most foods, but for sure doesn't like bananas. 
-For his first birthday photo shoot we bought balloons and he loves them. He loves to play with them and pull them down and hit them back and forth.
-Grant is a little bit scared of small stuffed animal things that move. We were at Eric's sisters and there was a dog that wags it's tail and Grant was freaking out. Hopefully this is just a phase.
-He loves to climb onto the couch and hold the remote and pretend like he is so big and watching the tv. It's pretty cute and he knows how to get off so stays safe most of the time. He did fall off once, but other than that I think we've been pretty lucky with falls.
-He has finally started to catch onto going down the stairs, but definitely still needs help with that. He is pro at going up.
-Grant also loves to throw things. Lately it is balls but he got some blocks for his birthday and I he throws those on occasion.
-He still loves to read and will read to himself for a good five or so minutes. (Which is a lot for this boy who wants to be everywhere.) 
-This little boy LOVES to be outside and gets to mad when we have to come inside. I think we are going to have a great summer outdoors. He also ate his very first dirt the other day which I think transitioned him from a baby boy to a toddler. I can say that I am in no way ready for the laundry that comes along with this dirty stage.
Outside at Grandma and Grandpa Taylor's
In one of his birthday outfits Aunt Sister Christine sent him.
Sugar rushed and throwing cake.

At the park with Daddy.

We love you little buddy and are so glad that our Heavenly Father sent you to join our family when He did. We are so blessed each and everyday by Grant's spirit and zest for life. He keeps us moving and entertained and we couldn't have asked for a sweeter little boy.


  1. How the heck did this happen?? He all of a sudden looks like a little boy instead of a baby! Such a cutie!

  2. Awww he is so cute!!! I love your blog updates :)