Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Grant is talking so much now that I can't help but document some of the things he says. He puts together sentences with ease and is very smart.
-One of my favorite right now is "What doning?" or "Goning?" This is how he asks what we are doing or where we are going. Whenever we are in the car, he constantly wants to know where we are going, it's so cute to see him starting to understand this crazy world.
-"poll-dit" when he sings patty cake he gets this super serious grunty voice as if the 'cake' is really hard to pull.
-We went and visited my grandma who took a fall the other day and he pointed to her scar and said, "gamma, owie?"
-Grant loves to say "hi" to anyone. Some people love it, other people pretend like they don't hear it [rude!]
-He loves to watch 'What does the fox say' on YouTube and will constantly ask me, "Watch ding-ding" cause the first thing they say the fox says is ring-ding-ding.
-Anytime someone leaves he asks, "Where'd [name] go?" He also says "Where'd Dant (Grant) go?" when he is hiding from us.
-Because we had our first snowfall this past weekend, Grant learned what a snowman was. Some little girls in our complex made the cutest snowman and then someone's dog jumped up on it and knocked it down. Whenever we look out the window at it he says, "No-man. Knock it?"
-We live super close to HAFB and the jets are constantly flying. Grant loves finding airplanes in the sky and says, "Airpane loud! Zooom!"
-Grant loves to help with chores around the house and his favorite is to "weep" (sweep), even though he really just spreads the crumbs further away, I love to watch him help.
-He has taken to love skateboarding and loves watching videos of it with Eric. He uses his xylophone as a skateboard and tells me all the time "gay-bowed whills" (skateboard wheels) whenever he sees his 'skateboard'
-"K-zee" (crazy) is also one of his new words.
Grant has started to imagine and it is so cute. He stays playing with one toy longer and it is so fun to watch him drive his car on the edge of our couch or up a hill. He can also throw things away in the garbage (we do have to watch him to make sure that he doesn't throw toys or important stuff away, so far so good) and can take his dirty dishes to the sink.
The other day he colored on the wall and it was all I had in me to take a step back and be patient with him. I nicely [no seriously, I was super calm about the whole thing] told him that we only color on paper and asked him to show me where some paper was. He showed me and then took me to the back window and pointed to it to show me that he also drew on that. Haha, such a smart boy.

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