Saturday, November 16, 2013

Letters to Grant

Dear Grant,
My sweet sweet boy, you are so fun at this stage right now. You have come so far from the tiny baby that was placed in my arms in March of last year. You now run everywhere you go and are so adventurous! I am so glad that you are my baby, my bugga, and my boy. You are developing quite the personality and I love to sit back and watch you soak in your world. You love anything that has to do with a ball but after daddy took you out on the skateboard last week, you have turned everything into a skateboard whether it be your colorful xylophone or mema and papa's stool. You are so entertaining and are full of energy. You love to jump, especially on the trampoline, and have great balance for one your age. You have always been so smart, so it shouldn't have surprised me as much when you deciding you wanted to go potty on your own potty, but it did. You are still my baby, how do you learn these things and know so much? You are such a good singer and can identify songs on the radio by their choruses. You love to make people laugh, and mommy and daddy struggle to hold our laughter in when you do something hilarious, but that we know is not a good habit aka spitting your water out of your mouth. You give the best hugs and kisses and are willing to share those with everyone. You love to say "hi" to people in the store and you can say any word that we ask you to. We have taught you how to count and you do well to get to three, skip four, and go right to five. I especially love it when you are playing by yourself and I hear you counting. Every color is blue in your eyes and you are so silly when it comes to coloring with crayons. You are just now understanding how to color and you love it when we draw you balloons. You have been sleeping in a big boy bed for about 3 months now and are so good with it. When I peak in on you at night before I go to bed, you look so tiny in that massive bed and I hate to think about you growing up and filling that bed out. I am excited to watch you grow, but always want you to love me the way you do now. My heart hurts when you get hurt and I love that you come to me for comfort. Lately, you have been reaching up to hold my hand when we are walking outside and I love the way your hand fits perfectly around my pointer finger. You love animals and are learning how to be soft, or as you say "sop", with them (and my hair for that matter.) You could spend your whole day chasing the chickens around and looking at the horses at papa's if I let you.
I love you my sweet boy!

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