Saturday, November 16, 2013

Photo DUMP!

WARNING: Every picture in this post is of Grant. He's our life so we take lots of pictures of him. If you don't want to see them, feel free to roam about the country. 
 Aunt Christine sent Grant this New York Jets shirt from Jersey and we absolutely LOVE it. Grant looks like a little "Sanchez" running around in it and loves to say "hike" then throw a football really fast at you.
 Way back before we had class when Grant's bed was just his crib mattress on the floor. He is not upgraded to a full size twin bed and does GREAT in it. We even kiffed my memory foam from my parents that I had on my bed growing up and sometimes it is SO comfy. My mom also helped me make a quilt for his bed. 
 In his oversized (at the time) Gg shirt I made for him. This was so easy and I loved the idea. 
 Lately, Grant will say "baby" and then lay down in our arms and do a fake cry. I'm not sure where he learned it from but he loves acting like a baby and laying down in his swing. We had to finally put this away since he would play the music during naptime instead of napping.
 This was Grant at his first rodeo. To say the least, he LOVED it. He love horses and animals so it was pretty much a given that he would enjoy this. | Oh to be back in the days of shorts and short sleeves |
 After Labor Day we Aunt Ka-ka and Uncle Nam came camping with us to Strawberry. We went crayfishing and Grant loved it. He loved the fire and hanging out with some of his favorite people. He literally asks for his aunts and uncles daily. He loves his "nam-wee" (family)
 I cannot look at this picture without laughing. I think he looks SO adorable but so silly all at the same time. He had just woken up from a nap and I snapped this since his hair was so staticky. Love this boy and what makes this even better was that he was snuggling next to me during this nap. 
 Grant is ALL boy. He will literally jump off of anything and nothing is too dangerous for him. We watch Tacy (his cousin) on Thursdays and she is starting to catch onto his love for climbing on things. She'll intently watch him and then try it when he is done. Sorry Brad and Elly :)
 Taking his nap during conference I couldn't help but snap this of his longer than life eyelashes. Are these not every girls dream? He is so handsome! Lots of my boy cousins have really long eyelashes like this but it seemed to skip the girls. 
 Trying to steal the neighbors balloons from when their son returned from his mission. Grant will do ANYTHING for balloons. We have at least 3 in our house at all times.
 We went to St. George in the middle of October for Fall break and my dad had a softball tournament down there and Eric wanted to stop at the new Provo skate park on our way down. I was really impressed at how cool this park was and Grant LOVED watching Eric and getting his turn on the "gay-bowed"
 Chalking it up with Audrie in St. George. Grant had such a blast with the Barnes' girls and asks for at least one of them once a day. He also knows that they are in "Dorge" (St. George) if we ask where they are. He also frequently includes them in his prayers. This little boy has the largest heart!
 Only recently have I allowed Grant this close to the cat. On previous "meetings" between he and Kitty, he tends to pull her tail. Aunt Ka-ka (Kimber) taught him how to feed Kitty and now it is one of his new favorite things to do at Mema and Papa's house. 
 Grant loves to "ca-gee" (color) and is OBSESSED with us drawing balloons. I thought I would outsmart him and make copies that he can color in but he did not have that and has to watch me draw them himself. Luckily he has gotten over this obsession a little bit and has learned to color better, minus on the walls and window the other day.
 Aunt Ka-ka and Uncle Nam took Grant to the zoo one day to let Eric and I have a break and get out on a date. We were SO thankful to them and Grant had the time of his life. He really is so blessed with all of the family he has. 
And just because I think we are cute. I love this baby and his daddy so much!

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